Romances with Other Stuff

I decided that I started writing romances when I realized that the paranormal-type stories that I was writing tended to lean more toward being a romance, with all the other stuff in the background. And that’s all it ever was to me—stuff. Werewolves, vampires, faeries, princes, princesses, it’s all just background stuff.

Let me get this straight: there’s nothing wrong with books that aren’t purely romances. I’ve been working on reading North and South by John Jakes for the last few months (it’s taken me a few months because I’d get distracted by other novels) and also The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey, both of which have romance in them, but it’s not the main focal point. It’s just as a writer and a reader of romances, I live for those moments when the girl and guy interact, their first date, their first kiss, etc. That stuff is what drives my love for reading.

There’s this great blog called Nose Stuck in a Book (totally check it out) and if you follow them on Facebook, they put out a list of Free digital romances, ranging from contemporary to paranormal to sports, you get the picture. I was the perusing the list today and as there was a Billionaire Shifter Alpha series. Totally sounds interesting, right? (No, that’s not sarcasm). I didn’t get it though, because I’m trying to strike inspiration, so I’m reading books more along the lines of what I’m trying to write.

But the reason why I’m talking about this is as a writer, I’m like, how in the world can a person fit a story about a billionaire who also happens to be a shifter, who’s on top of that an alpha, into a book? That seems like a lot for the writer. From a previous post, you know that I can barely tell a story about two people with emotional trauma without doubling my word count. I’m in awe of people who can flawlessly tie together many different areas and create a book, because that must take so much determination and commitment and also patience. Every single word, sentence, paragraph has to be finely tuned so that the book isn’t the size of the dictionary.

So I guess that this is my shout out to the Billionaire Shifter Alpha Romance writers of the world or those who are writing paranormal romances. Keep doing you’re thing and wowing me with your word count and you’re ability to create a fresh, exciting world for the reader!


On Giving Up

I haven’t written a post in a while about my journey to publication. I’d like to say that my life got crazy—and it totally did—but I think that the main reason for my absence is that I’ve had a bit of a reality check. You see, I had this grand idea that I would send out my novel and within a few weeks there would magical happy dances and excited clapping. That was the dream, anyway. But then I realized that my novel was long. As in 130,000 words long, with the “average” word count for a novel being around 70,000. That means that what I wrote was almost double the word count. Double! It could’ve been split into two novels.

For someone who HATES cliffhangers (most of the time), I knew that I had two options: cut it down or start anew.

I chose the second option. In the month of December, I started a new novel. By the end of the month I had about 70,000 words and I finally finished at about 90,000. That was super manageable—I was able to cut down and even though I’m still in the process of editing, I think that that smaller word count will give me a leg up. I hope it will, at least—fingers crossed.

So here’s the deal, how do you know the difference between continuing on and giving up? The truth is, they’re pretty much the same. Sometimes continuing on is giving up. I think that this is especially true with writing. When it comes to the craft, sure you have to be good, you have to be resilient, you have to have some sort of luck (although you should really make your own), but passion is important to. And if you lose that passion, then it’s going to really show in your writing. I really think that that’s what happened with Falling Forward; I was so excited about it and then I got discouraged and then I wasn’t. I stopped caring about their story because I had new ones on my mind. It was time to move on. Move forward (get it?).

So I did. I started something new. There’s got to be something deep inside of us, not quite a conscious, but an internal compass. Something that tells us what direction we need go, if we need to go in a new one or stay on the same one. Maybe it’s fate. But that compass was urging me to start something new, to not necessarily give up on, but put away Falling Forwards.

I think that the key to getting published might be giving up, but on an idea, not on yourself. You keep writing and keep working and keep hoping that something will slip through. And all through that, you’ll be getting better. Growing. Eventually you’ll crack the code. I surely hope I will.

8 TV Moments that Wrecked Me

As a writer, I think you feel things more deeply. It’s probably the same for anyone in the arts. You dissect the TV, movies, books, music (literally everything) in your life because you feel like it’s something you can use to fuel that craft. But then again, sometimes (most of the time) it’s just for your viewing entertainment. For laughing. For ugly crying. For, again, everything. So check out my article of the 8 TV moments that wrecked me (don’t they all?)