That Awkward Moment When…

….You accidentally send the wrong query to an agent. And I don’t mean, oops, I misspelled a word, wrong. I mean, oh my gosh, I just sent the someone else’s letter to the agent I’m querying, wrong. At first I didn’t realize it…I went about my business searching the internet for the next person to write. Only when I switched views back to Word, I realized my mistake.

*Curses in head* *Blushes so red people think the sun has gone red giant* *Flails around like a maniac* All I can say is thank goodness no one was near to witness that little gem of a reaction.

Me being me, I couldn’t just let it slide. If I was to let it slide, thirty years from now I probably wouldn’t remember any of my rejection letters, but I definitely would still feel embarrassed about that letter. Maybe the agent would long forget about the mistake, but I wouldn’t. Nope. It would still haunt me, that annoying little ghost of query letter past.

It bothered me that even if it was just one person that I’d never met, I didn’t want them to have the wrong image of me. It was a mistake, but not a reflection on my character. So I quickly sent a reply apologizing and explaining myself and of course, the rejection soon followed the same day I sent it out:

Thank you for your query with details of your project. Unfortunately, I don’t think I am the agent for you. (No worries, it wasn’t because of a wrong paragraph, though! We all make those mistakes, so no big deal! This just isn’t for my tastes.)

Of course, mine is a subjective business, and I am sure that you will find the perfect agent who will get you published.

Thank you again and best of luck!

What I really like about this is definitely not the rejection part. But I do like it. The letter from this particular agent reminded me that it’s not just an automatic email or a swift click of the button. There really is a PERSON on the other side who cares. And once again, it’s a person with a particular taste. You’re looking for the person who’s right for you. One of my favorite authors, Abbi Glines, once said that she learned more from these rejection letters than she did from any book or article. And I think that the truth…this is about experience. Every letter is a lesson. I just so happened to have learned from this letter that agents are humans, too. That they are understanding being, despite the daunting  guidelines they post on their website.

This is rejection letter #3 of the countless agent queries I’ve sent out…just warning you guys that some of these agent’s response rate is up to 6 weeks IF they even reply at all. Thanks once again for being here with me through all this!

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