My second rejection letter came in on the 26th. A Sunday. Yes, happy end of the weekend to me. Here it is:

Thanks so much for your query.

I’m afraid your project just doesn’t sound like a good fit for my client list at this time.

I wish you all the best with your career and hope you find the right agent match soon.

This one almost broke me. The first rejection was kind of thrilling…but this one hurt. First off because I didn’t even warrant a name or a “Dear Author,” which I can understand that they’re busy, but it still feels very cold. Secondly, because it  feels offensive. And not to me… I know I’m not the next Stephen King or JK Rowling. It feels offensive to my characters Cain and Max. I’ve had them in my head for so long, been feeling what they’ve felt, hoping that they find their happiness, that hearing no to them is hurtful. A rejection is another no to sharing them with people, putting them on paper and letting them breathe. There’s still hope, though. That last line is good reminder of that. The trick isn’t about impressing an author with your mad writing skills or your perfectly flawed characters or your witty dialogue, it’s about finding the right agent for you. It’s just a shame there’s no for those of us struggling authors.

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