Positive Outcomes Only, Even in the Worst

When I started this little endeavor, I didn’t really think I’d be excited to get a rejection letter. After that first one, I haven’t been. But I can say that I’ve been contented and proud and slightly disappointed. This past week, I felt glad. Glad because the two that I got this week were a little slice of normal. A reminder that normal does exist (shock!) and that hopefully the better days I once knew pretty well will return again. Last week I went in to have the right side of my thyroid taken out because there was a nodule on it that was making my neck feel swollen and annoyingly present at the most inconvenient of times. Wearing a t-shirt felt like death, going for the occasional jog made me feel like I was going to suffocate to death and I had a sudden fondness for neck rubs (and I have always hated having my neck rubbed…I swear, I was probably a underling who got decapitated in my past life). Taking it out was a decision that my mom pushed and seemed like a pretty good idea, so we went ahead and scheduled the appointment. Of course I freaked […]