Keeping Up With Two More Rejections

Two more rejections have graced my gmail account…but of course my head is still high! This is a learn-as-you-go experience, and before I send out a fresh batch, I want to make sure that I make a few changes….one that I’m especially hopeful about because something tells me that I needed¬†to do it, and I really hope that whatever that something is, it’s looking to brighten my future. Until the next¬†rejections (and fingers crossed…not-so-rejections) come in, I’m going to try to put out some posts about my writing habits, some of which are quirky, and definitely update the website with an outlook of the books I’m working on!

So let’s get to those rejections…..

Rejection #6

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to read your submission. We appreciate you considering us for representation of your work.

Unfortunately, after careful review, we have decided that the __________ might not be the right agency for this project. This industry is incredibly subjective, and there are many agencies out there with many different tastes. It is for this reason that we strongly encourage you to keep submitting elsewhere, in the hopes of finding an agent who will be an enthusiastic champion for you and your work.

We wish you all the very best of luck and success with your writing.


Rejection #7

Thank you for querying ______ about your book project. We have evaluated your materials and regrettably, your project is not a right fit for our agency. We currently have a very full clientele and must be highly selective about the new projects we pursue.

Thank you again for thinking of us. Please know that we wish you much success in all of your future writing and publishing endeavors.

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