Enter the World of Liz-Osyncrasies

Over the summer when I was re-reading through Falling Forwards, I noticed something that I hadn’t really paid attention to before: I’m plagiarizing Taylor Swift. No. Kidding. Okay, so maybe a little kidding. I would never, EVER plagiarize, especially not T-Swift. But as I was reading through, I could tell what Taylor Swift song I was listening at the time, because there were a few indicators: (1) the tone of my writing was somewhere on the spectrum of super depressed (Back to December), to super cutesy (Stay Stay Stay or Today Was A Fairytale), to reminiscent (All Too Well), (2) sometimes the lyrics matched up to my writing (for example, I noticed a lot of references to breathing, which came from Breathe), and finally (3) I equate certain songs to my characters stories completely now, for example, I cannot hear Wildest Dreams now without thinking about Beau and Jessa in Falling Backwards. Which brings me to The Avett Brothers (yes, I am obsessed with them, I know). I did a little bit of a re-read through Falling Backwards so far and saw a lot of their I and Love and You album correlated with my writing, like I kept noticing […]