Romance Recommendations: Read Them Now…Or Regret it Forever!

There’s a very basic piece of advice for any writer and that’s to read what you want to write. In other words, read your genre. Study it. Know its trends, know what sells, but mostly let supposed to inspire you to write something original, something that you’re passionate about. The other day I had this epiphany: I’m writing stories that I want to read. I know, what a concept right? But isn’t that what all writers are doing doing…writing about the world in a way that interests us? Well, for me, my genre happens to be romance. There’s nothing I love more than a book about love. The true, never-ending, swoon worthy type of love that leaves you believing that love and soulmates might actually exist—that one of my book boyfriends might be real and is somewhere out there waiting for me. Okay, so maybe that’s a pipe dream or might be considered “far-fetched” but you never know, because the thing about fiction is that it in some way reflects real life. Anyways, in particular I want to write for the new-adult age range. If you’ve never heard of “new adult,” don’t fret. A lot of people haven’t because it’s […]