Cancer in Life and Writing

I know that this blog is about writing, but I want to talk about something that I want to write about, but sometimes am intimidated by: cancer. If you’ve read my earlier posts, you know that I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer two years ago. Luckily, thyroid cancer is one of the less dangerous cancers, and I’m fine now. But the thing about cancer, is that it never really leaves you. You might be fine health wise, but you’re never really “fine” in any other sense. I always heard the phrase that people use about how things “spread like cancer” and I thought that there was something beautiful about it. To an English person, it’s a metaphor meant to show the relentless that something has and how it poisons as it spreads. As a cancer survivor, I don’t think it’s beautiful anymore, because I know what it means. Cancer doesn’t just poison your body—it poisons your mind, heart and soul. It’s something that sticks with you, even long after the cancers gone. Every time I go back for a check up, I worry that it’s going to be back. Whenever I get a headache, I have this split second of […]

Writing and Making Money

Okay, romance writers, is it just me or do you always feel the need to tell people what you do to “make money”? So, here’s the conversation I continually have with people: Them: So, what are you studying? Me: I’m studying English and Library Science. Them: Cool. So what do you want to do after you graduate? Me: I want to be a romance novelist. Them: *blank stares, awkwardness, disbelief, dismissal* Me: But, I’ll probably be a librarian or go into research or something with archives…to make money. Every. Single. Time. It’s ingrained in me to explain away my dream because I’m worried that people will hear the word “novelist” or “writer” and automatically think that I’m going to fail miserably. I used to be afraid to tell people that I want to write novels, let alone romance novels, but now I’m not. I’m proud of it. But I am afraid that people are going to see me as a failure. What makes me even sadder, is that it makes me sound like I’m ragging on the library side of things. Like I’m almost saying that it’s not my first choice—that instead it’s second behind writing. Really, I’d say they’re […]