8 TV Moments that Wrecked Me

As a writer, I think you feel things more deeply. It’s probably the same for anyone in the arts. You dissect the TV, movies, books, music (literally everything) in your life because you feel like it’s something you can use to fuel that craft. But then again, sometimes (most of the time) it’s just for your viewing entertainment. For laughing. For ugly crying. For, again, everything. So check out my article of the 8 TV moments that wrecked me (don’t they all?)

5 Songs That I Get Wrong Every Time

Ever sang the completely wrong lyric to a song? Thought that the lyric was saying something, only to find out YEARS later that it isn’t? Couldn’t figure out why someone would think that a song was talking about Michael Jackson’s toilet (if you read this article, you’ll find out what was really meant)? Then you should take a look at my article for the Odyssey.